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I was born in 1958 in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, South Brazil. My very first interests were always music and literature, but I decided to give a totally different direction in my professional life and studied IT at the university. In 1977, I was hired by a federal bank where I worked for 27 years, 22 of them as Manager, and was retired due to health issues. In the only job I had in my life I found out that I liked to deal with people, both employees and customers, and that was somehow connected with my first interests.

My wife Cintia Moscovich, journalist and writer, was the great inspiration I had to become a writer myself. I started writing professionally a year before my retirement and have already published five books that include a novel, three short stories collections and a novel for children that is obviously about a cat. I am a book reviewer and have a column of literature on a local radio station.

Regarding to music that I left behind, I like to play guitar and piano, and also enjoy singing.

My passion for cats came late in life. When my wife and I moved to our house in 1986 we decided to have a dog — and so we did — but my mother-in-law suggested a cat. She brought an unregistered Siamese kitten for us to take care of, but we were not so lucky with the breed at all. I still love pointed cats! After three trials, we finally found out about the Birmans and started a breeding program with pedigreed cats. In those days, the Birmans were raring in the shows and I contributed to return the breed to the prestigious place it had had once in Brazil.

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